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Robert A Williams, the primary writer and creator of this blog, has decided that it would be useful for the purposes of Search Engine Optimisation, back-link creation and general positivity about other folk we come across online, that a page be dedicated for backlinks and short write-ups on other organisations.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity then please contact Silly Billy’s through the website, or on the form below.
We will put up links to your Social Media Page(s) and your primary website, we would appreciate any reciprocal links that you could create.


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Talya Baldwin

A local artist, illustrator. Talya lives in Hebden Bridge with her family and has also recently started a business selling hand-illustrated vinyl wall stickers for children’s rooms:

Dunnock and Teal

A local business creating fantastic hand-illustrated children’s wall decor:

Industry Best Practice

A database of quality websites being brought to you by myself and my good friend Bhakti, this is at the time of writing, an early start-up project which we are hoping will grow bigger and better than Wikipedia.

Waterseekers Well Drilling Services

An excellent firm in Cheshire who can bore wells for domestic and business water supplies. Recently winning some prestigious contracts for high profile sports clubs.
Become free of water charges and get your own fantastic water supply straight from the ground.

Michael Conneely

A local man who is versed and trained in the ancient art of astrology, both Western and Vedic. I have had my Western and Vedic Astrology charts created by Michael and they are informative and well presented. Also a prolific writer of ancient magic and peoples. Michael teaches the ancient arts of astrology and Rune reading
Michael Conneely on Facebook
Starwheel Blog
Astrology Courses
Western Astrology Course
Vedic Astrology Course

Bhakti Ganesha Devananda

A good friend and colleague, we work together on SEO and, Bhakti lives and works in Berlin:

Slightly Foxed Brewery

Probably the best beer in Yorkshire, but the author is now teetotal so believes this from word-of-mouth and one of the company’s owners

Gordon Fox Impact Chalkboards

Gordon has recently created some new signs for Silly Billy’s Toy Shop and we feel they are excellent. You can see more of Gordon’s work here:
More on the recent signs created for Silly Billy‘s
Sign Gallery

Marco’s Cafe

A favourite of the staff at Silly Billy‘s and notably the best Italian Food in Yorkshire, in our opinion.
Marco’s Cafe

Penine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

PAWS mainly shelter dogs that are rescued from being on death row in a pound, or have been abandoned by their owners. They also look after unwanted cats at times.
Dogs bred specifically for the cruel and awful sport of dog fighting and baiting are also amongst their rescued canine friends can read about PAWS exploits and their

Liz Hutchinson Jewellery

Fantastic jewellery handmade by a local artist and friend (ex-neighbour) of the author, based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Keep an Eye on Calderdale

Up to date information on weather and traffic disruptions throughout Calderdale

Billie Beads Hebden Bridge

A great shop towards the end of Market Street where you can buy kits to make your own jewellery.

Kath Reade

A Superbly talented Folk singer and songwriter whose lyrics are a great inspiration to us all

Also an accomplished healer using Gong Sound Baths and other healing techniques

Vedic Astrology Courses from Michael Conneely

From the Horses Mouth

A great online magazine from Dean Charlton, check it out, relax and have a read:
heck the Art Competition and enter to win CASH Prizes.

Pextenement Cheese Company

Do you like cheese and are you looking for something different, this local farm produces some amazingly tasty cheeses in a French Farmhouse style right in the heart of Yorkshire

Homely Abode, Hebden Bridge

Badly affected by the floods of Boxing Day 2016, Homely Abode have started a retail outlet in Hebden and have this as a sales platform as well as their established website. Good luck to you guys and we hope it goes well, it is great having you next door to Silly Billy’s Independent Toy Shop

BimBom Music

Have just started and is a baby-toddler and pre-school interactive music class, more details in the image below:
Bim Bom Music

Visit BimBom Website
BimBom on Twitter
BimBom on Facebook
BimBom on Instagram

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