Buy Lego

From here you can browse the LEGO we have for sale, by buying LEGO from Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop you help to keep the variety in the Hebden Bridge High Street and in turn in other Uk High Streets, so don’t delay, buy from Silly Billy‘s today.

We have a wide range of LEGO always in stock, especially at Christmas when we really increase our larger LEGO items including LEGO Technics, LEGO Friends, LEGO City plus we have a variety of LEGO Advent Calendars, in 2017 we have the largest range of LEGO Advent Calendars ever including LEGO Friends 41326, LEGO City 60155 and LEGO Star Wars 75184

LEGO is probably the most popular toy brand of all time and Silly Billy’s has been stocking LEGO pretty much since it’s opening twenty years ago. LEGO has been very active online with their promotions and in the last 5 years with some amazing LEGO films, we try to stay ahead of the game with LEGO and both our LEGO posts and LEGO stock are continually being updated.

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