This is a guest post that has been exclusively written for Silly Billy’s Toy Shop by James Hirlehey, Writer, LEGO fanatic, and owner of Ninja Brick

I would like to reminisce about RETRO LEGO Sets that have withstood the test of time are still being played by Millions of Fans and Supporters worldwide. These sets are the classics, and if you happen to own one, you could be the envy of every child (and fan) who loves to play with LEGO.

These are the 5 retro LEGO sets that have captured the imagination of all who love LEGO. These retro sets are:


LEGO Millenium Falcon

This set is one of the largest, and probably the most detailed retro set on the market today with 7500 pieces. Who can forget Han Solo’s freighter?,The ship that fought of Darth Vader and his Death Star. Or the other scene in Episode VII when Han and Chewbacca were being attacked and Rey took over the controls as the Co-pilot. Han Solo was also amazed how she was able to familiarize herself with the ship.

This set has exterior details, quad laser cannons, boarding ramps, landing posts, and a cockpit with a detachable canopy. It also features hull plates that when removed, reveals the main hold, gunnery, and rear compartment. It is also equipped with sensor dishes and crew. This set is complete with Han, Chewbacca, C3PO, and Leia if you want to play the classics, or Finn, Rey, BB-8, and if you decide to master the world of Episode VII and VIII. The whole set is measured around 21 cm high, 84 cm long, and 56cm wide.



Another vintage LEGO set that has caught the attention of all LEGO fans who have a flare for past projects is the Cafe Corner. This building is a tribute to the buildings of the 1950’s which were famous for their slightly gothic designs. The colors of this building highlight activity, perception and architecture. Its versatile and modular concept allows the corner to be expanded, in order to add space for other similar structures, perfect for town expansion. The building can be divided into three (3) sections and can be dismantled for easy access and transport. It consists of 2,056 pieces, and 3 mini-figures. The player can imagine citizens buying, or even playing with their bikes at the cafe front. The idea of creativity and imagination is highlighted since the set recognizes people with real-life job problems. The janitor sweeping garbage at the front of the cafe only signifies this notion. This piece would be a welcome addition in any room that recognizes classical sets. This is why this set is highly sought after by all LEGO fans and enthusiasts who have seen movies depicting the era.


LEGO taj mahal

Although the history of the Taj Mahal is not really as popular as it once was, it is still a coveted project for all romantics who know the tragic story of Taj Mahal and want to re-create a happy ending. Emperor Shah Jahan commissioned the building on 1631 in memory of his wife, Empress Mumtaz Mahal. It is a building signifying unending love steadfast devotion. Consisting of an ivory white marble mausoleum, it has become famous as one of the wonders of the world in terms of architecture. This LEGO project features 4 facades with sweeping arches, windows, and balconies. The dome, domed corridors, and surrounding chambers are topped with decorative bricks, and the raised platform is filled with recessed arches. Additional features include 6 blue 16×32 baseplates, Erling bricks and Jumper plates. The model tops of with an ornate and intricate tilework around the base. The set consists of 5,900 pieces and was designed to reward the builder with an insight on what it took to create the real thing. It measures around 43cm high, 51cm wide, and 51cm deep. This LEGO set would be a great ornament for the office or study.



Another classical retro set is the Death Star. The main base of Darth Vader in Star Wars. It could recount how Darth Vader and the death star troopers were defeated by the Alliance of Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, and many more. The replica consists of:

  • Trash Compactor
  • Tractor beam generator room
  • Detention Block
  • Conference Chamber
  • Superweapon firing room.
  • The  quarters of C-3PO and R2-D2 at the movie
  • Droid maintenance room
  • Emperor’s throne room
  • Room with crane
  • The beam where Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia cross while hanging on to a rope
  • Turret Room ( 2 Turrets )
  • A Guns an ammunitions room located under the destructive super-weapon

The Death Star also features 24 mini-figures and Droids plus a trash compactor monster, It comes with movie inspired equipment and props that include target monitors, TIE Advanced hangar with a rotating or moving launch rack, and authentic replica components include the control room and target monitor, Imperial conference chamber, TIE Advanced hangar bay with moving launch rack. This LEGO has proven to be demanding and if you plan on building this set, be patient! Always consider the options.


LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer

The last item on my list is the Imperial Star Destroyer, the main destroyer of the Imperial Fleet. This goes to show just how popular LEGO Star Wars sets have been. This set includes 6 mini-figures with different weapons. It is equipped with a lifting handle, removable top and fold-down sides, 8 turning cannons, 2 spring-loaded shooters, storage compartments for 2 missiles, 7 powerful blue engines, and detailed interior. The Weapons are 2 blaster rifles and 2 blasters. It also features a hologram of Emperor Palpatine that hasn’t been done before. It measures over 19 cm high, 50 cm long, and 33 cm wide.

These retro sets are one of the coolest LEGO sets ever created. They were immortalized by all who love these toys and will always remain as prized collections. They are classics and would never be outdated or taken for granted. Although they represent certain eras and movies that were once famous, it is the replica itself that salutes the producers and makers of those movies or buildings. Through these replicas, they will never be forgotten.


Happy 21st Birthday to Silly Billy’s

Happy 21st Birthday to Silly Billy’s

Silly Billy’s Toy Shop have been serving Hebden Bridge since 1st May 1997, a massive 21 Years.
First we were in Innovation Mill, or in the shop just next door to the Mill, and recently in 2016 we relocated to Old Gate House following the devastating flooding of 2015
You can easily find Silly Billy’s Toy Shop using the map below:

Now onto our 21st Birthday Week Competitions and more

We will be running a Raffle and Colouring Competitions through our Birthday week from Silly Billy’s Toy Shop opening at 09:30 on Tuesday 1st May 2018 until Silly Billy’s Toy Shop closes on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May 2018 at 17:00

Firstly we have a massive LEGO giveaway, all you need to do is make a purchase in the shop of any amount and we will give you a raffle ticket free to enter the LEGO Prize Draw which will take place on Tuesday 8th May, 1st prize is a LEGO Creator Modular Skate House 31081 (RRP £34.99), 2nd Prize is a LEGO Creator Outback Adventures 31075 (RRP £17.99) and lastly for Third Prize we have a LEGO City Mining Power Splitter 60165 (RRP £12.99)
LEGO Raffle

The Playmobil Competition consists of guessing how many Playmobil Plus Figures there are inside the large Playmobil Pirate inside the entrance to Silly Billy’s Toy Shop. You can submit entries all though our Birthday Week and a Prize Winner will be announced week commencing 14th May and we are leaving the forms in the shop until we close at 17:00 on Sunday 13th May ! Please follow Silly Billy’s on Facebook for Winner announcements,  The prizes in the Playmobil Competition are slit in Gender though if a boy wants the girl’s prize or vice versa then we are fine with that.
Boys prize is a Playmobil Knights’ Armory Play Box 5637 (RRP £17.99)
Girl’s Prize is Playmobil Flower Shop Play Box 5639 (RRP £17.99)
Playmobil Guessing Game

Here is a form for the Playmobil Guessing Game should you wish to download it, print it out and pop it into the shop yourself:

The TY prize is a create your own Beanie Prize and will be drawn week commencing Monday May 14th and there will be a First, Second and Third Prize Winners
First Prize wins a Large Beanie Boo
Second Prize a Medium Beanie Boo
Third Prize a Small Beanie Boo
You can download an image for that here (right click that link and save as) to print yourself; or pick up a paper copy in Silly Billy’s Toy Shop
Please get your beanie colouring entries in to us by Sunday 13th May 2018 at 5pm

The Prize for the TY Beanie Colouring Competition is now revealed simply click the TY LOGO Below to be taken to a picture of the TY Beanie Colouring Competition Prize
TY Competition

Lottie Dolls and Arklu
The Lottie Dolls competition is to design Lottie’s pony flag race outfit. and there will be one Winner of a Lottie Doll, Spring Celebration Ballet (RRP £19.99)
This prize will be drawn week commencing Monday May 14th
Please get your Lottie Doll colouring entries in to us by Sunday 13th May 2018 at 5pm
There is an A4 PDF of the design template here which you can print yourself or you can pick one up in our toy shop.
Lottie Doll

Download a PDF of the design template below if you want:

Other News during Silly Billy’s Birthday Week

There is a lot going on as the now famous Tour De Yorkshire Men’s Cycle Race will be passing through Hebden Bridge in it’s 4th stage on Sunday 6th May 2018, for the full route and more info check out this link

The Local Elections 2018 are on Thursday 3rd May and there is a good article about why it is important for mum’s and dad’s to vote written by Michael Thrasher, Associate Member, Nuffield College, Oxford here,

Please come and visit Silly Billy’s Toy Shop in Hebden Bridge during our 21st Birthday Week and get involved with our exciting Free to enter competitions.
21st Birthday

Silly Billy’s Toy Shop 21st Birthday Teaser

On 1st May 2018 Silly Billy’s Toy Shop will be 21 Years of Age

Here are some tasters of events and competitions that will be happening during our 21st Birthday Week Celebrations starting on 1st May 2018

  1. There is a big Surprise under wraps in the shop which will be revealed on 1st May 2018 when Silly Billy’s opens in Hebden Bridge at 09:30
    Playmobil Competition
  2. There will be a raffle ticket given out to every customer who spends any amount with Silly Billy’s over the Birthday week, so ONE Raffle ticket per purchase though multiple tickets can be received if you shop multiple times in the week at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop. The Raffle Prizes will consist of LEGO and other items to be announce in a blog post on 1st May itself
  3. There will be a Design a Beanie Competition run all week and an opportunity for TY Beanie prizes for the best designs
  4. There will be an outfit-design competition involving Lottie Dolls and the opportunity to WIN a Lottie Doll, Spring Celebration Ballet from our shop and also be entered into a Worldwide competition from Arklu.
    Lottie Doll

So from 1st May 2018 please mark in your calendars for Silly Billy’s Toy Shop 21st Birthday and it is only
[wpdevart_countdown text_for_day=”Days” text_for_hour=”Hours” text_for_minut=”Minutes” text_for_second=”Seconds” countdown_end_type=”time” end_date=”29-04-2018 23:59″ start_time=”1525017456″ end_time=”1,16,32″ action_end_time=”hide” content_position=”center” top_ditance=”10″ bottom_distance=”10″ ][/wpdevart_countdown]
Until Silly Billy’s Big Birthday week

If you are looking to find us then please use the map below:


Your location: Use my current location

Clock Games – Tell The Time

Clock Games – Tell The Time

Here at Silly Billy’s we have a number of great resources to help your children to learn to tell the time from Clock Games, created by Orchard Toys, to the Amazing Time Teacher Watches and Clocks.
“Tell the Time” Game from Orchard Toys is suitable for two to four players aged 5 years to nine years and can develop both analogue and digital time telling skills in this fun Lotto game. Simply turn over a card, read the time aloud and fill your board first to Win, it is fun and exciting and we have this and many other Orchard Toys in stock at Silly Billy’s.
clock games

A recent article from Sky News has shown that teenagers and those taking higher level qualifications are having inordinate trouble being able to use and decipher Analogue Clock Faces

Secondary schools are reportedly having to ditch traditional clocks for digital ones because pupils cannot tell the time.
A teacher told a conference that GCSE students have complained that they are unable to read clock faces during exams, The Sun reported.The disclosure at last month’s Partners in Excellence conference is said to have been backed-up by other teachers, with Tory MP Rob Halfon saying the revelation should serve as an “alarm call”.
The Maths National Curriculum states that children aged between five and six should be taught to tell the time to the hour, half past the hour, and be able to draw the hands on a clock.
The unnamed teacher had told delegates: “It’s amazing the number of students I come across in Year 10, 11 and sixth form who do not know how to tell the time.
“They do not necessarily have watches any more and they have mobile phones with the time on.”

Source Teachers Claim A’ Level and GCSE Students cannot tell the time !

Silly Billy’s are a stockist of Easy Read Time Teacher Watches and Clocks

As a stockist of Easy Read Time Teacher Watches and clocks for over a year now we have found that they have been welcomed enormously by our shoppers and they are approved by educators as you can see in the video below:-

So if you are looking to get a head-start for your child in school to tell the time with either clock games or the amazing Easy Read Time Teacher Clocks and Watches then get down to Silly Billy’s Toy Shop in Hebden Bridge today.

LEGO Has Actually Unveiled Its ‘Ladies Of NASA’ Set– Z103.5.

LEGO Has Actually Unveiled Its ‘Ladies Of NASA’ Set– Z103.5.

Lego has unveiled its “Women of NASA” set. Have a look at some images below! The set, that includes 231-pieces, functions “the pioneering ladies of NASA in LEGO type”– Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Flight and Mae Jemison. The set … Learn more’

Read More

A Lego-Themed Pop-Up Bar is Pertaining To London

London has a quite good relationship with Lego. Not just is Legoland Windsor in the basic vicinity of the capital, it’s likewise the home of the world’s biggest Lego store. Now it’s getting something else, through a Lego-themed pop-up bar.Details are quite limited at the minute, but we do know that the bar will include over a million Lego bricks, so it’s safe to assume that it’ll be loaded with as much Lego as health and wellness guidelines will allow.I cannot see there being numerous cocktails served

in glasses made from Lego, though, but Lego mugs do exist and stranger things have actually taken place. There will likewise be lots of blocks for people to construct their own creations, and it should be intriguing to see how imaginative people are when they’re drunk.Given the boozey nature of bars in general, it’s likewise a winner that this isn’t the type of location you

‘ll wish to take you kids. To be sincere, provided Lego’s understandable fascination with keeping its brand kid-friendly, it’s a little bit of a surprise that this is happening.London won’t be the only city getting the pop-up, with Los Angeles, New York City, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne getting their own versions.More Lego Posts:


Lego CEO Sees Possible for Brand Name in Digital Products

Lego CEO Sees Possible for Brand Name in Digital Products

Lego’s top manager says in his brand-new function he would like to expand Lego into uncharted company territory, while also avoiding putting the brand in the wrong locations.

And if that’s not enough news for you, then why not read about Silly Billy’s new line of Time Teaching Clocks and Watches ?

Read More

Nimuno Loops LEGO-compatible Tape Lets You Tape and Snap

Nimuno Loops LEGO-compatible Tape Lets You Tape and Snap

I cannot believe that nobody has actually believed of this before. This new invention claims it will transform “practically any surface into a base for LEGO elements.” You can develop around corners, on curved surface areas, or perhaps onto the sides of other brick-built creations.The possibilities are unlimited. Nimuno Loops tape produces a building brick surface area anywhere. Snip off as much tape as you need and apply it anywhere. Then connect your LEGO, KRE-O, Mega Bloks, or other compatible bricks to the tape. It’s the only tape better than duct tape.Put it on fridge, your cars and truck, make bracelets out of it, whatever you want.$11 (USD) will get you 2 rolls of tape, measuring in at 6.5 ft overall. Orders of 10 rolls or more get approved for further discount rates, so buy a lot and cover your walls with this stuff. The Indiegogo campaign has a month left to go, however is already on track to smash through its fundraising objective. < span itemprop= video itemscope itemtype = > Handle The Technabob Store Suggested Posts More from Awesomer Media … Everything in the Universe Decicio Handblown Bourbon Glasses Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R Racer Breaks Cover President Trump’s Ferrari F430 for Sale Alien Next Door: Life

as a Xenomorph See Todd McFarlane

Tyra Banks returns to host America’s Next Leading Model

Tyra Banks returns to host America’s Next Leading Model

Tyra Banks made a triumphant return on Tuesday to hosting the America’s Next Top Model show that she created.

The 44-year-old former Victoria’s Secret Angel was back for cycle 24 of the VH1 show in a premiere episode titled The Boss Is Back.

The franchise creator returned as host after being replaced for one cycle by singer Rita Ora, 27.

She’s back: Tyra Banks returned to host America’s Next Top Model during the cycle 24 season premiere on Tuesday on VH1

‘Many people believe I created Top Model to show girls just how to become models. But, no, it was about much more than that. America’s Next Top Model has changed the definition of beauty and empowered women when they needed it the most,’ Tyra said in a voice-over at the start of the season premiere.

‘We celebrate beauty in all of us, all shapes, all sizes and all colors. …The fight continues to show you that you are beautiful, that’s why I’m back,’ Tyra added. 

Tyra revealed the show had its most diverse group of contestants yet and she also had eliminated the 27-year-old age limit on participants.

‘It’s 18 to infinity,’ she proclaimed. 

Timeless beauty: The 44-year-old show creator surprised Erin Green, 42, with a surprise 15th portrait and last spot in the Top Model House

The judges: Celebrity stylist Law Roach, Ashley Graham and Paper magazine chief creative officer Drew Elliot joined Tyra at the judging panel

Tyra was joined at the judging panel by plus-size model Ashley Graham, 30; Paper magazine chief creative officer Drew Elliott, 36, and celebrity stylist Law Roach.

Khrystyana Kazakova, 32, was one of the first to advance with the removal of the age limit after she showed her amateur photo to the judges.

‘You are next level fierce and you are moving on in this competition,’ Tyra told her. 

 New rules: Tyra eliminated the 27-year-old age limit from the show

New addition: Ashley Graham was a new judge on the reality show

After an initial culling the top 18 models participated in an avant-garde photoshoot and runway test before moving into the Top Model House.

Tyra arrived in a short purple dress at the house and informed them there were only 14 spaces for her finalists.

‘The final 14 that are next level fierce and will be competing for America’s Next Top Model are …,’ Tyra said as she pulled a sheet off a wall adorned with 14 portraits from the photoshoot.

English model: Jourdan Dunn will be a guest during the season

Former champ: Eva Marcille who won the third cycle of ANTM also will be a guest on the show

Erin Green, 42, who has five children and three grandchildren was crushed after not seeing her photo on the wall and started packing her bags.

‘My kids would’ve been proud. Mama went for it and didn’t make it. …If Tyra had given me enought time, I know I would have been able to impress her,’ Erin said holding back tears.

Tyra then showed up and offered a hug. 

Feeling blue: Erin Green, 42, fought back tears after she failed to make the cut for the final 14

Getting emotional: Tyra approached Erin and said she was sorry she wasn’t among the finalists

‘I’m so so so sorry. I know this meant a lot to you and I wish you the best,’ Tyra told her.

Erin thanked her for giving older women an opportunity.

‘You’re welcome. You get a picture. There’s 15 girls,’ Tyra said surprising Erin with a photo.

Big hug: Erin and Tyra hugged before the host revealed that she was getting a surprise 15th spot in the Top Model House

‘Tyra stop,’ Erin told her.

‘Beauty knows no age and you deserve this,’ Tyra told her adding that ‘black girls have to work harder’ as she encouraged her to give her all during the show.

‘I believe you can do this,’ Tyra told her.

Too much: Tyra laughed as Erin reacted to learning she was still in the competition

Tyra later declared that she was back and only ‘the fiercest is going to the next level’.

America’s Next Top Model premiered in May 2003 on UPN and later moved to The CW before landing on VH1.

The series spawned the Top Model franchise with more than 30 versions of the series produced internationally and seen in more than 120 countries. 

Lady in black: Tyra showed her taut tummy on Tuesday while promoting ANTM at the Build Series at the Build Studio in New York City

Fierce look: The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model struck poses at the event

The judges: Ashley and Drew joined Tyra at the Build Series event

Popular franchise: Tyra, Drew and Ashley discussed the show at the Build Studio


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