Why Does Toothpaste Make Things Like Orange Juice Taste So Awful?

Why Does Toothpaste Make Things Like Orange Juice Taste So Awful?

Today I Found Out lets you discover something out about taste today. Most likely everybody dislikes to consume orange juice after brushing your teeth.
The only thing more unpleasant and horrible: stepping on a LEGO brick. OUCH!

“ You might believe the factor tooth paste makes things like orange juice taste so dreadful is just due to the typical mint taste of tooth paste encountering other tastes, however this isn’t really whats going on here.”

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Lego wonders: World-famous sites rebuilt – BBC News

Lego wonders: World-famous sites rebuilt – BBC News

Media caption Dozens of well-known international sites have actually been developed into Lego designs

Famous landmarks from all over the world have actually been constructed from Lego for a brand-new exhibit.

Stonehenge, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and the Great Barrier Reef are amongst 70 widely known websites made with the toy bricks.

Professional Lego home builder Warren Elsmore lags Brick Wonders, on program at Nottinghamshire’s Harley Gallery for the next 3 months.

He stated each of his developments took a number of months to finish.

Image copyright Warren Elsmore
Image caption The exhibit includes natural and manufactured landmarks, such as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Mr Elsmore sources a few of the more unknown Lego pieces required for his productions from online sellers.

His previous exhibit at the Harley Gallery including Lego variations of well-known structures was checked out by more than 80,000 individuals in 3 months.

Image copyright Warren Elsmore
Image caption Niagara Falls, made by Warren Elsmore who operated in IT prior to ending up being a full-time Lego home builder
Image copyright Warren Elsmore
Image caption More than 70 well-known websites have actually been adoringly recreated – consisting of the Great Pyramid of Giza
Image copyright Warren Elsmore
Image caption The Grand Canyon is among the natural landscapes produced the exhibit
Image copyright Warren Elsmore
Image caption The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was based upon individuals’s impressions of how the gardens may have looked, discovered online

Read more: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-38250872

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It may sound weird, but Lego is quietly trying to ditch plastics.

It may sound weird, but Lego is quietly trying to ditch plastics.

For the past 60 years, we’ve all been building spaceships and castles, experimenting with what head goes on what body, and arguing with our siblings about where the grey 2-by-5 brick went — thanks to Lego.

“The S.S. Awesome can’t have any holes in it, Amanda. I know you have that 1-by-8 somewhere.” Photo by Kent Gavin/Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images, circa 1962.

Though nearly indestructible, Legos aren’t eternal. The bricks your kids or grandkids play with probably won’t be the ones you remember.

Beyond grocery bags and Barbie dolls, Legos might be the most iconic plastic object ever, but making things out of plastic can be problematic.

It’s not just that plastic doesn’t break down, though that’s a major issue with some plastic products. It’s also about the carbon footprint to make them. To make a conventional plastic, you have to pump petroleum or natural gas out of the ground, refine it, and mold it. All of these steps take energy and can produce carbon dioxide.

For the last couple of years, Lego has been experimenting with making their iconic bricks from eco-friendly sources.

In 2015, Lego announced it would invest the equivalent of $155 million into finding a non-oil, smaller-footprint source for the various plastic they need to make all those tires, trees, and movie stars.

Fun fact: Lego’s apparently one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers. Photo from Lego Media Library.

Since then, they have been experimenting with different types of bio-plastics, which can be made from plants like corn or wheat and produce less emissions than conventional plastic.

The goal is to find alternatives for 20 types of plastic by the year 2030.

There are hurdles to making something as durable, flexible, and iconic as a Lego, and the company is still experimenting. Whatever they choose, it’ll need to snap together with existing Legos, last just as long, and preserve the aesthetic. Their latest experiment with wheat sugar, for example, failed because it couldn’t hold the right shine, as Quartz reported.

This change won’t eliminate the carbon cost of manufacturing, nor will it address other carbon costs like shipping, but little changes add up. After all, 19 billion new Lego pieces are produced each year. Furthermore, the Lego company has also been reducing its carbon footprint through other means as well, including investing in an offshore wind farm. In fact, it recently met a 100% renewable energy milestone.

I assume the real wind farm contains a bit more, you know, metal and concrete and stuff. Photo from Lego Media Library.

Playing with Legos has been a nearly universal part of childhood for almost 60 years. Our kids will likely continue to build castles and spaceships, but their future creations — and their building blocks — won’t be exactly the same as ours were. And that’s a wonderful, necessary step of progress.

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Finally, You Can Make A Lego Person That Looks Like You

Finally, You Can Make A Lego Person That Looks Like You

Playtime simply got individual for Lego fans all over.

An online organisation called Funky 3D Faces is developing custom-made, 3D-printed Lego heads that appear like you, for $30 a head.

“ EveryBODY likes Lego– this is the chance to have their own head made into mini to fit on to their preferred Lego minifigures, ” the U.K.-based Etsy seller ’ s advertisement says.

funky3Dfaces/Etsy You, too, can fly an X-wing Starfighter from Star Wars. Or a minimum of the Lego variation of you can.

Just like normal Legos, the heads can be popped on and off of the plastic figurines ’ bodies. Consumers should send 2 pictures– one revealing the individual ’ s deal with and one revealing their profile– which are utilized to develop the head.

The mini-me faces are then built from a sandstone product, with a hole at the bottom for head-to-body accessory.

In January, purchasers who buy 2 heads can get one totally free, inning accordance with the seller.

But do not get a head of yourself: The bodies aren’t consisted of.

H/T Mashable

Read more: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2016/01/06/custom-lego-heads_n_8923982.html

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Yet Another Reason To Love LEGO

Yet Another Reason To Love LEGO

Investing in Lego ends up being quite profitable– and we’ re not simply discussing those initial Star Wars sets.

The Danish toymaker’s vibrant blocks offered are costing much better returns than gold, brand-new analysis programs. The Telegraph discovered Lego sets in “ beautiful condition ” have actually increased 12 percent in worth by 12 percent each year because 2000. Gold financiers have actually seen a yearly gain of 9.6 percent over that duration and the S&P 500 4.2 percent .

Some of the most important toy sets have actually increased significantly on secondary markets like eBay because they were very first launched. Caf Corner , which came out in 2007, is now worth around $3,100, or over 20 times its initial cost. Star Wars products continue to cost countless dollars, with the 5,000-piece Ultimate Collector’ s Millennium Falcon set from 2007 now worth over $4,000.

Lego’ s earnings have actually skyrocketed recently– and its earnings development is routinely whipping those of its competitors Mattel and Hasbro. Need has actually been so high that the business has actually had difficulty in current months satisfying orders . And it’ s made tactical collaborations with Hollywood franchises, like S tar Wars and Harry Potter , to guarantee its supremacy in the toy market.

All of this is simply another need to like Legos. The business has actually taken a lead on sustainability, revealing last June that it would invest $150 million over the next 15 years to establish brand-new eco-friendly products that would change its conventional plastic obstructs . Lego’ s plant in Denmark presently produces over 70 million bricks a day. The business likewise opened a wind farm in Germany in October and intends to be completely sustainable by 2020.

Lego has actually been acknowledged as one of the early supporters of gender-neutral toys, however the business has actually launched pink variations of its sets for ladies and the majority of its character figurines and users are male. In 2012, the business got criticism for its Lego Friends line, which was marketed particularly to ladies. In reaction to growing need, nevertheless, Lego has actually begun to present more female minifigures to its collection, like a paleontologist, an aerospace engineer, an astronaut and others in STEM fields.

Read more: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2016/01/05/legos_n_8917592.html

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Platio turns footpaths into solar collectors

Platio turns footpaths into solar collectors

Platio is a brand-new business from Hungary devoted to putting photo-voltaic panels practically all over the world! They’re beginning with walkways, also called sidewalks in the USA and footpaths in the UK

Founded by a group of engineers and designers the system utilises strong photo-voltaic panels overlaid on plastic support that makes sure the panels won’t break when stepped on or rolled over which each panel gets in touch with the next firmly. Imre Sziszk is a mechanical engineer who developed the injection-molded bases while Mikls Ilys and Jzsef Cseh worked to make sure that the panels look excellent and work effectively.

They’ve raised $70,000 for the job up until now and they’ve offered 150 square meters of solar tile for their pilot tasks.

The item is recycled from plastic waste and they click together and interlock like LEGO. Electric wires inside the panels link effortlessly too, guaranteeing you can position them and forget them.

The creators are youth pals and eco-friendly innovation lovers, stated Sziszk. 2 years back, as all us occurred to transfer to Budapest we began hang out once again and understood as having know-how in extremely different fields we interact effectively. We began this job 2 years back, and established our business a year earlier, read more about this amazing environmentally sound creation here

The job is still a bit pie-in-the-sky however I saw the real item at the Smart City Expo and the group is currently delivering item to pilot clients. Its a remarkable effort to produce complimentary energy and decrease waste at the very same time and, as the group composes, its an option to the dismaying routine concrete paving components.

Here in Hebden Bridge the blog author suspects that the weather and comparative LUX levels would not be good enough for this sort of Technology to take off here in Yorkshire, where Silly Billy’s Toy Shop is based.

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2016/11/22/platio-turns-sidewalks-into-a-solar-collectors/

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