Schleich Horses and Much More

Schleich Horses and Much More


Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop is preparing for the C-word, whereas many retailers take up Christmas products early; we at Silly Billy‘s prefer to wait until closer to the 25th December before we start shouting about Christmas. Nevertheless, there is a need to stock the shop up for the Festive Period so there will be some blog posts to come as our C-word stock arrives.

One of the first deliveries we have received here at Silly Billy‘s has been from Schleich. Silly Billy’s is the premier Toy Shop to buy Schleich in Yorkshire.
This is what we have:
Schleich at Silly Billys

  • Holstein Cow
  • Holstein Calf
  • Simmental Cow
  • Simmental Calf
  • Hannoverian Stallion
  • Andalusian Mare
  • Clydesdale Gelding
  • Falabella Mare
  • Pinto Yearling
  • Tennessee Yearling Mare
  • Ram
  • Appaloosa Mare
  • Appaloosa Foal
  • Shire Mare
  • Shire Foal
  • Sheep
  • Frisian Mare
  • Fjord Horse Mare
  • Trakehner Mare
  • Falabella Gelding
  • Knabstrupper Foal
  • Knabstrupper Mare
  • Arabian Mare
  • Donkey
  • Tinker Mare
  • Tinker Foal
  • Mini Shetty Stallion
  • Mini Shetty Mare
  • Pig
  • Piglet, Standing
  • Black Sheep
  • Icelandic Pony Mare
  • Tinker Stallion
  • Pinto Stallion
  • Pinto Mare
  • Giraffe, Female
  • Giraffe, Calf
  • Leopard
  • Lion Club
  • Zebra, female
  • Zebra, Foal
  • African Elephant, Male
  • Polar Bear
  • Polar Bear Cub
  • Killer Whale
  • Great White Shark
  • Giant Panda, Female
  • LIon, Roaring
  • Tiger
  • Tiger, Cub
  • Tiger, White
  • Tiger Cub, White
  • Panda Cub, Playing
  • Horse Wash Area

Also we have some Schleich Superheroes:
Schleich Superheroes

  • Superman, Fighting
  • Green Lantern (Rare)
  • The Flash

Some Schleich Dragons and More Schleich Dinosaurs !!

Also we have FREE Schleich Catalogues at Silly Billy’s to further aid your Schleich Collection.

Must Have Toys 2015

Must Have Toys 2015

Must Have Toys 2015

Here at Silly Billy‘s we do not tend to go with the flow of what is happening in other parts of the Country but here are some of our Top Five products for this year, in no particular order:

  1. TY Beanie Boos, always a great seller, and still only £4.99:
Beanie Boos

All Boo’s ONLY £4.99

2. Lego Star Wars at Silly Billys, read more

3. Playmobil Specials, these are always popular and still only £2.99

Playmobil Specials


4. Schleich Animals and Figures: The Schleich superheroes range ran out in no time, we bought more and they have run out again. Schleich is always popular and we will be bringing in much more Schleich at Silly Billy‘s for Christmas 2015

5. Green Toys: The Green Toys range has been immensely popular. The toys are environmentally friendly, made of recycled materials, and incredibly robust, like the Tonka Toys of Old.
green-toys-ferry-boatThat is a short-list and we have many many more toys available here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop including:

Pocket Money Toys for 50p and toys for under £1

Sylvanians here now and starting to become well established again at Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop.

Flying Toys

Kaloo for New Borns

Orchard Toys at Silly Billy’s, starting at Only £4.99

If you wish to know any more or contact us about any thing then please use this form:

Buy Schleich in Yorkshire

Buy Schleich in Yorkshire

Buy Schleich at Silly Billy‘s

Did you know that Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop is the premier toy shop to buy Schleich in Yorkshire

This week we have replenished our Schleich Stand with a Safari Theme we have in Stock now:

  • Lions, Lionesses and Lion Clubs
  • Jaguars
  • Tigers and Tiger Cubs
  • White Tigers and Cubs
  • African Elephants and Calfs
  • Giraffes and Giraffe Calfs
  • Hippopotamus
  • Rhinoceros
  • Gorillas
  • Brown Bears
  • Pandas

and lots lots more, including many varieties of horses and foals, plus cattle and farm animals indigenous to the United Kingdom.
Buy Schleich

Silly Billy’s Facebook Page

Silly Billy’s Facebook Page

At Last we have a Facebook Page, please like us as we build the page up.
New Stock and Notifications will be posted:

Also Facebook will have first look at our new products and we will also post video’s there.
At some point we hope to start a YouTube Channel so keep an eye out for that.

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