Half Term 2018 at Silly Billys

Half Term 2018 at Silly Billys

New Products at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

We are looking for new products all the time at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop and this year we have some really exciting products coming in at the start of the year, and all of them great value.
Don’t forget to check out our recent posts on LEGO and PLAYMOBIL, two of the most popular lines at Silly Billy’s Finest Independent Toy Shop, based in Yorkshire.
We have just received:

  • Modelling Clay, Air drying and Nylon reinforced Clay so exceptional for making models and only £4.99. This air drying clay is non-toxic, easy to use and great fun.
    Air drying modelling clay
  • Brand New, Pocket Size Magic Tricks featuring, Magic Exploding Dice; Magic Cups and Balls; Magic Pencil Slicer; Magic Numbers and a Magic Rope Trick. These are all small enough to be easily carried in a pocket and cost only £3.50 each
    Magic Tricks
  • To compliment the Adventurer’s Range from House of Marbles which has been amazingly popular over the years, we now have a super-bright head torch. This Head Torch has Hands-free illumination! This tough little headlight employs high power light-emitting diodes which provide extremely bright, stark and long-lasting, hands free illumination.
    Head torch
  • Piggy Banks. Yes, Piggy Banks, we have been looking for them for a number of years and at last have found some decent ceramic Piggy Banks which we are happy to sell. At only £9.99 we feel these Piggy Banks are a steal and these Penny Piggies come in four alluring colours. With a rubber bung to get the money out so you never need to break the bank !
    Piggy bank
  • We have seen a resurgence in Slime Products and we hope to be getting more Slime in soon, we do have in the shop, Unicorn Poo, which is a harder putty like slime at only £1.50. We also have Glow in the Dark Aliens in slime from the planet Scardox, at only £1.99 and new in tubs of Assorted coloured gloopy slime at only £1.99 each.
    Slime Products
  • In other Product Areas, TY and the new TEENY TY range have been selling fantastically well this year and it’s still early yet. Series TWO of the Teeny TY range will be release close to Easter so you have some time left to collect your Teeny TY’s from Series 1. Unfortunately we can only swap duplicates for the TY that is currently out on display, today this is Waddles, tomorrow the Teeny TY on display could be something else.
    Teeny TY Series 1

DOn’t forget we have an exciting Valentine’s competition which ends this Sunday 18th February in which you can win two fantastic Kaloo Plus Bears, RRP £19.99

Festive Fandango 2017 and More News

Festive Fandango 2017 and More News

The Festive Fandango 2017 sees a wider geographical area coming into play with Mytholmroyd
retail shops and restaurants taking part in the glory that is the Festive Fandango.

So what’s it all about?

Well, The Festive Fandango is an Annual event in Hebden Bridge and now Mytholmroyd, encouraging folk to shop local via a superb incentive of exciting vouchers and entry into a competition to Win a Massive hamper of goodies. So all you have to do is collect a sticker at Participating Outlets including both Homely At Hebden and Silly Billy’s Toy Shop on Old Gate, this can be done all through December 2017 from this Friday December 1st. You need to collect Five different stickers from five different outlets and then you can submit your completed card for entry into the Prize Draw and also collect a voucher book from the Visitor Centre in Hebden Bridge.

So on the 1st December is Festive Fandango and then on Saturday 2nd December, we have Small Business Saturday.
Festive Fandango

Come to Silly Billy’s Toy Shop from Friday to Collect your Festive Fandango Stickers and get a Festive Fandango 2017 card should you need one.
Also we would like to give a shout out for Blazing Saddles Bicycle Shop just round the corner from us on West End who have bicycles for children of all ages, please see their flyer below for more information.
On Sunday 3rd December there is a Fund-Raising Event in Heywood being organised by one of our LEGO officanados, see the flyer below.

This will be their 1st LEGO show that they  have done.Raising money for Bury Cancer Support. Fairy Bricks. And St Luke’s School.

Lastly we were told of some upsetting news about a break in at Fairybricks HQ so this event is now more important then ever !!!!
LEGO masters Nate and Ste are there all day as well as AFOL from around the UK!!
With some fantastic displays. Hopefully this will be the 1st of many !
Next time more schools involved and we can make something truly special happen !


Instead of Sitting on Santas Lap

Instead of Sitting on Santas Lap

Instead of Sitting on Santa’s Lap, This 4-Yr-Old Dropped to His Knees at What Santa Did Next

Millions of children go through the Santa line, but how many have you seen do this?
Most 4-year-old’s hop on the big man’s lap to ask for LEGO and race cars and other cool toys.
Not this little guy. Instead, Prestyn Barnette had a much different request for the Santa he encountered in a South Carolina mall. When the 4-year-old finally came face-to-face with the jolly good fella, he asked St. Nick to pray with him for a baby who was very sick.

Through a prayer group that his grandmother belongs to on Facebook, Prestyn found out hat 2-month old Knox Joseph was on life support in a Las Vegas hospital.

Knox’s dad found him in his crib not breathing a couple of weeks ago, and the infant has been in critical condition ever since.
The GoFundMe page set up for Knox says, “We are praying for him to remain stable so that [bringing him] home is a possibility.”

Outside of a teeny request for a Lionel train, the miracle for Knox was the only thing Prestyn wanted from Santa.
And so…they prayed.
Santa got down on his knees and joined hands with the hopeful tot to pray for a Christmas miracle for a baby halfway across the country.
Now that’s the true spirit of Christmas right there. Sometimes it takes a 4-year-old to show us adults how it’s done.
Thanks Prestyn.
If you’d like to support Knox & his family, visit their GoFundMe Page.
The family shared on their page that often times, baby’s like Knox don’t go home, so they have one humble request for all of you: “Keep praying for the miraculous!”

This post is one of many being created by Robert A Williams in the challenge of a blog post per day up until Christmas Eve 2017 which Robert has undertaken for Silly Billy’s Toy Shop. If you would like to know more about Silly Billy’s then you could do no worse than give Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Facebook page a like

Gift Box to Girl in Philippines changes lives

Gift Box to Girl in Philippines changes lives

Growing up, one of my family’s Christmas traditions was filling shoe-boxes around Thanksgiving to donate to Operation Christmas Child.
Churches and organizations all over the nation partner with Samaritans Purse to send small toiletries, school supplies, and toys or activities to children in third-world countries at Christmas.
According to their website, the organization has collected and delivered more than 135 million gift-filled shoe boxes to children in more than 150 countries and territories since 1993.
In the year 2000, 7-year-old Tyrel Wolfe and his family participated in the project. The young boy from Idaho picked out and packed items for a young girl his age, then included a photo of himself sporting his cowboy get-up with a rustic cabin backdrop.Tyrel Wolfe

For Tyrel, the project was just a moment in time.
He’d had fun packing it up and thinking about the kid who would receive it, but once it was returned to the church and sent overseas, it never crossed his mind again. But for one little girl in the Philippines, the gift completely changed the trajectory of her life.

Joana Marchan-Wolfe

Almost a decade had passed when Tyrel received a Facebook friend request in 2009. It was from a young woman named Joana Marchan, whom he’d never heard of. He ignored the request and moved on.
Two years later, the same woman sent him another request. Curious this time about who she was and why she was interested in being friends with him, Tyrel sent Joana a message asking how she knew him.
She replied, telling him that the shoe box gift he had sent 11 years ago had meant so much to her, she wanted to connect with him.
It turns out, she’d even tried writing him a thank you note years before, but it got lost in the mail.
I was curious as to what he was like now, Joana said. Was he going to college like me?
After being reminded by his mother of his involvement in the project, Tyrel continued his conversation with Joana, which quickly blossomed into an unexpected friendship.
The two shared a number of common interests like their Christian faith, and favorite music. Conversation came naturally, and they corresponded for a full year before they decided to meet in person.
Tyrel graduated high school in May of 2013. By then he had saved up enough money working for his dad to fly to Quezon City and spend 10 days in the Philippines.
I knew I was taking a big risk, Tyrel says. I had never traveled alone, let alone to a foreign country before, and I was meeting people I didn’t know or even knew really existed.
Feeling nervous, anxious and excited, Tyrel could never have guessed that this trip would lead him to his wife.
When I finally got there and saw her, I had to punch myself a couple times because I thought it was a dream, he says. I was immediately attracted to her.
Experiencing how Joanas family lived opened Tyrels eyes to how blessed he truly is.
All eight members of the Marchan family slept on the floor of their 1019-foot house.
Here in America, a lot of people are blessed with a lot of things, and after seeing Joanas home, I’ve gained a different outlook on how people live.
Tyrel returned home after one of the hardest goodbyes he’s ever had to say. But the two stayed in constant communication via Facebook, and Skyped with each other often before Tyrel returned to the Philippines again in November. This time, he stayed for a full month, then asked Joana’s father for her hand in marriage. After another long road of waiting, and some extra convincing from Tyrel’s father, the two became engaged.

On October 5, 2014, Joana and Tyrel tied the knot on the Wolfe family ranch in Idaho.

Joana Marchan-Wolfe

Because of his ability to earn a living and support Joana (and her family) with his job, the couple decided to live full-time in the U.S.
It was a big change and adjustment for me, Joana says. I was raised in the city and now I’m living in the country with much less people and more space, but its a beautiful place.
Today, they still live in Midvale, Idaho, now with their son, who was born in June.
Since saying I do, the couple has been committed to packing a Samaritans Purse shoe box every holiday season. Each one includes a note that tells their story.

We don t want to give them some fantasy, but we do want to show that we care and want to share our love, Tyrel says. We both feel so blessed and grateful that Operation Christmas Child brought us together.
Read more: https://faithit.com/american-boy-philippine-girl-married-christmas-giftbox/

5 Things Star Trek Fans Must Admit About The Film Franchise

5 Things Star Trek Fans Must Admit About The Film Franchise

In case you missed it in the wake of all the hype for that other space movie, the trailer for Star Trek Beyond dropped this time last year.

Did you enjoy that?
If your answer was “OH MY GOD YES!” then we’re going to assume two things about you: You’re not a fan of the original Star Trek, and you probably won’t like what we have to say. We’re sorry about that, and we hope you enjoy this exciting new colour in the garbage rainbow that is the reboot of Star Trek — a superfly mass-murderous series once known for its sci-fi innovation and optimistic space adventures.

To be fair, we’re not saying that the new Star Trek film is guaranteed to be terrible, considering we’ve seen fewer than two minutes of it. But it doesn’t take a Medusan to know where this series is headed, now that it’s been placed in the hands of a Fast & Furious director and peppered with a steady stream of totally relevant ’90s hip hop. Let’s be clear: In NO way does the Star Trek Beyond trailer resemble a Star Trek film. In fact, not a single installment of the rebooted Star Trek movies has come anywhere close to resembling a Star Trek film. It’s almost as if they’re deliberately trying to destroy Star Trek‘s fanbase and replace it with four-quadrant action fans.

… Yeah, that’s exactly what they’re doing. See, there’s no money in genre science fiction. The big bucks are in widely-recognised properties that can be sold to every single person on planet Earth. Which means getting rid of everything that made Star Trek what it was (heady science fiction, diplomacy, and adventure) and replacing it with explosions and constant running around.

So what happened? Well, what we’re seeing is the end result of an unfortunately common assimilation that not even Captain Picard would be able to resist …

#5. The Franchise Was Already In Bad Shape


Back in the mid-2000s, Star Trek was in poor shape. It had been over a decade since the last film based on the original series, and Star Trek: Nemesis marked the depressing, Data-murdering final chapter of the Next Generation movies, which had started out strong and then gradually dwindled into a blight on F. Murray Abraham’s career.

“Just put enough shit on my face so nobody knows I’m in this movie.”

Enterprise, Voyager, and Deep Space Nine reminded fans that there were no more likeable TV shows to adapt to the big screen. The quaint town of Treksville was in hobo shambles — an abandoned shell of a formerly glorious metropolis, left to be wandered by forsaken fans. But then 2009’s Star Trek emerged from the dust, literally glistening like a beacon of hope.

It’s so beautiful.

But that was poison candy, my friends. As fans soon learned when they saw the film and realised …

#4. The Reboots Have About As Much Understanding And Respect For Its Fans As The Star Wars Prequels


There’s a ton of money to be made in playing on nostalgia, as Jurassic World proved this year by simply filming a bunch of people saying “Hey, remember this part from Jurassic Park?” for two hours and becoming the third-highest-grossing film of all time. J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek aimed to shamelessly trade in on fans’ love for the original series by bringing us Kirk, Spock, Bones, and the rest, and throwing in a few fun references for die-hard Trekkies while completely failing to grasp what people liked about Star Trek in the first place.

For example, the heart of the original series is the relationship between Kirk, Spock, and Bones, who are meant to be three sides of the same person. Kirk is the central decision-making part, Spock is the logical side, and Bones is the emotional side. With very little exception, Kirk always has to defer to the two of them before making his final decision, which invariably involves seducing some manner of a female alien.

“No, Jim, I said a female alien!”

Except in the reboot, Kirk is just running around shooting things and Spock is a moody Vulcan. Meanwhile, Bones has been absolutely replaced by Uhura, because the makers of the reboot decided that what Trek fans really wanted to see was a love triangle between her, Kirk, and Spock. Bones says a few funny things and then is barely seen. It’s even worse in Star Trek Into Darkness, in which he appears in maybe three scenes !

Speaking of Star Trek Into Darkness, that installment also sought to cash in some nostalgia chips by making its central villain Khan, the fan-favorite antagonist of the Original Series episode “Space Seed” and the titular angry man from Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan, which is widely considered the best Trek film ever. But the character in Into Darkness bears absolutely no resemblance to the legendary villain. J.J. Abrams and crew rewrote The Dark Knight and changed the Joker’s name to Khan. The one thing they did manage to keep was casting an actor who is in no way Sikh to play Khan, who is supposed to be a Sikh.

Yeah, neither of these is correct.

The Star Wars prequels absolutely ruin everything we liked about the Jedi with that stupid midi-chlorian nonsense. The Force was awesome because it was this mystical magic, not because it was a freaking mutant power. We liked Yoda because he was this small unassuming creature who was a master of this nonphysical magic Force. The prequels turn him into a break dancing, back-flipping master swordsman. That defeats the entire purpose of Yoda being an ancient, tiny puppet: His mind was his weapon. Boba Fett is a mysterious “man with no name”-type Old West bounty hunter. Giving us his backstory as a creepy orphan space clone ruins his mystique, which is the only reason anyone ever liked him to begin with. He doesn’t do anything in the movies; he merely stands there looking mysterious and cool. And the prequels gave us his entire elementary school history. And this isn’t even getting into the whole quagmire that is the Special Editions of the original trilogy, which is the clearest example of a filmmaker being completely tone deaf as to why people enjoyed his films in the first place.

Hint: It wasn’t this.

Speaking of which, neither the Star Trek reboots nor the Star Wars prequels have any idea what their tone is supposed to be. Star Trek the original series is very much for adults. There’s an inherent goofiness to everything, and some episodes (like “Spock’s Brain”) are downright farcical, but for the most part, it’s heady science fiction. Which is what the state of science fiction was back in the ’60s, before Star Wars came out and turned “science fiction” into “action movie in space.” In fact, the one thing Star Trek absolutely isn’t, is an action movie. The original series, and their subsequent feature films, are all relatively light on action and heavy on plot.

The Trek reboot was made by a bunch of people who grew up loving Star Wars, and so their first order of business was to turn Star Trek into a Star Wars movie. That meant throwing out all the heady plot stuff and replacing it with lots of running and space explosions. There’s a reason Richard Matheson and Harlan Ellison wrote episodes of Star Trek, but were never contacted to whip up a Star Wars screenplay. And Richard Matheson wrote Jaws 3-D.

Seen here.

Meanwhile, it’s impossible to nail down a tone in a Star Wars movie, because the tone of the original trilogy is so inconsistent. The first one was a swashbuckling space adventure, a Flash Gordon / Buck Rodgers copy. The second one is brooding and grim, and the third one is an action figure commercial straight-up designed for children (because by that point, Star Wars was an empire built on action figures). That’s why the prequels feel so uneven: They skipped the first two stages of discovery and went straight for “action figure commercial.” Revenge Of The Sith went more for the Empire tone, but after two films unabashedly made to sell toys to children, it felt out of the blue and strange when the movie’s main character ignites his lightsaber and kills a room full of children.

“Thanks for the money, suckers!”

Despite clearly failing to understand anything their fans enjoyed about their respective franchises, both the Star Trek and Star Wars prequels sold millions of dollars of tickets to loyal fans. This is because …

#3. Fans Tolerate It Because It’s Better Than Nothing

Okay, so the new Star Trek had a lot of awkward lens flare in it and brought us to an alternate timeline in which Kirk’s father died and Iowa is suddenly known for its scenic bottomless pits. But we smiled and nodded along to Beastie Boys anyway, because while it was off-putting to see Kirk introduced with a Dennis the Menace car chase, we were happy that the franchise was being given another shot. And you know what? It wasn’t bad. Despite a few missteps, 2009’s Star Trek did an amazing job at reinvigorating fans while potentially drawing in a whole generation of new ones. Now all they had to do was not screw it up by turning it into a baffling 9/11 truth leading allegory

Space cocks! Paramount is starting to build a franchise out of insufferable throwbacks and references the way a hipster bar in Brooklyn might add fake graffiti in the bathrooms. And we see this in other franchises as well: glimmers of hope for fans that could easily turn out to be reckless pandering. Like these guys:

Thirty-somethings everywhere had to swallow the pale mutant rubbish that was Tokka and Rahzar back in 1991’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze, so it’s hard for us not to get a little excited when the new film finally promises a live-action(ish) Bebop and Rocksteady after 30 years of Ninja Turtles movies completely ignoring them. But the thing is, the Ninja Turtles are supposed to be for kids, right? That’s why we liked them — because we were kids at the time. It shouldn’t matter whether a bunch of adults want to come see your children’s movie.

Only it does inexplicably matter, because …

#2. The Studio Made Star Trek Mainstream To Appeal To Everyone

Hey, quick question: Why was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot PG-13, and why did it feature Michelangelo making adult-humour jokes at Megan Fox?

It wouldn’t be the first time Paramount encouraged a bunch of adolescent monsters to slobber over Megan Fox.

The answer is, of course, that they wanted to somehow make a film both for the nostalgic adults and the impressionable children they would bring along.
Much like how Paramount wants to make a Star Trek film that actually generates a profit, little point in being in the movie industry if you are making a loss !

Yep — it turns out that the original Star Trek films didn’t do great at the box office. The highest-grossing one, First Contact, only brought in $140 million on a $40 million budget. While that’s nothing to sneeze at, for an iconic series spanning ten films and five TV series (six if you count the cartoon) over half a goddamn century, it’s not exactly a space king’s ransom.

Now that Trek was being resurrected, the people putting up the money to pay for it would expect to see a return on that investment. And so it needed to be retooled in order to draw in the maximum range of consumers. In other words, if Star Trek was going to be a blockbuster (which Paramount inexplicably wanted it to be), it would have to get with the times. And that meant following the popular trends, like this dumb-ass rumour:

Except now that we’ve all seen the trailer for Star Trek Beyond, we know that dumbass rumor was absolutely true. Beyond looks as much like a Star Trek film as Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit felt like a prequel to The Hunt For Red October and Patriot Games. Which is to say, not at all. Coincidentally, both of these films were made by Paramount, and both feature Chris Pine doing sick tricks on his motorcycle.



Can you tell which one is Star Trek? Because we can’t.

To make Star Trek accessible for everyone, Paramount cranked up that Beastie Boys, took out all the unique sci-fi elements and world-building, and replaced it with generic action and hollow throwback references. And the worst part is that it will totally work, despite the fact that ultimately …

#1. By Making Star Trek “For Everyone,” They Alienate The People Who Love It

Here’s a totally insane quote about the making of Star Trek Beyond:

That’s a real quote from Simon Pegg, who wrote the script after quitting the job three times during the process … presumably because the people who hired him to write it didn’t actually want him to write Star Trek. After all, now that J.J. Abrams left, any connection to the spirit of the revival was long gone. And so they were left to do whatever they wanted with the series, which apparently included making it a bizarre piece of Guardians Of The Galaxy/Furious 7 crossover fan fiction that completely alienates Star Trek fans.

That’s not an accident or an unforeseen side effect, either. This was Paramount’s exact strategy: Take a unique property, refurbish it under the ruse that they are giving it back to the fans, and then make it as generic and safe as possible in order to make a bunch of money. Because who gives a shit if a movie has staying power when studios aren’t worried about home video sales? What matters is the immediate payoff … and that audiences will be hyped enough to pay to see it one time and then leave happy enough to see a sequel, never noticing that they just watched a re-dressed Fast & Furious film with worse physics.

Read more: https://www.cracked.com/blog/why-star-trek-reboot-hates-idea-being-star-trek/

Mom finds forgotten 30-year-old ‘Star Wars’ Christmas gift in drawer

Mom finds forgotten 30-year-old ‘Star Wars’ Christmas gift in drawer

In 1982, a present went missing from under Reddit user OMG party’s Christmas tree.

His mom had accidentally misplaced the X-Wing Pilot Luke Skywalker action figure the budding Star Wars fan wanted.

Fast forward 33 years later. This year, the redditor’s mom found the gift lurking in the back of a drawer in her house, still in the box she bought it in with the original K-Mart price tag.

Only now, instead of being a cheap kids’ stocking stuffer, it’s a highly sought-after Star Wars collectible that could be worth hundreds if you could ever part with it. Surprise! Merry Christmas!

“My mom bought this back in the 80’s and forgot about it in the back of a drawer,” The redditor wrote on Imgur. “Today she gave it to me as a Christmas gift! I’m amazed! Going to be holding on to this forever!”

In an email to the Daily Dot, he said:

Back in probably 81 or 82 my Mom bought this for me, knowing that I was crazy about Star Wars toys. Most of my childhood memories are of playing with Star Wars figures. For whatever reason my Mom ended up putting it in a drawer and just held on to it all these years waiting for the right time!

Knowing how excited I was for the new Star Wars film, she decided that this was the year!

So that’s the story! I’m pretty surprised, that’s a long time to hold on waiting for the right moment!

In terms of value, someone on my Facebook feed said $500 but I think that’s most likely WAY WAY over inflated. It’s got some weathering that would keep it from being considered “New in the box” to collectors. Not that it matters, there is absolutely NO way that I would ever sell this. No amount of money is worth it’s value to me as a gift from my Mom!

The X-Wing fighter pilot Luke is one of a series of Star Wars action figures produced by the Kenner toy company between 1978 and 1985. Fans refer to this as “the vintage line.” The X-Wing version of Luke originally debuted with Kenner’s X-Wing model before getting his own box and costume in 1979. As action figures go, this one is pretty iconic.

Since OMG party’s gift is still in its original packaging, known as a 20/21 back card, it’s considerably more valuable as a collector’s item than any of the millions of similar X-wing pilot Luke’s that have been taken out and played with. (In collectors’ jargon, these toys are “loose.”) And since it features a special promotion for Return of the Jedi, it could easily be worth several hundred dollars.

Not bad for a mom who left her son’s present in a drawer for three decades. It’s not every day you get to surprise your kid with an amazing vintage action figure; but then that’s what the magic of Christmas and Star Wars at Christmas is all about.

Photo via Imgur

Read more: https://www.dailydot.com/geek/star-wars-fan-vintage-line-action-figure-found-in-drawer/

Did you know at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop we have LEGO Star Wars Advent calendars and more types of Christmas Toy Advent Calendars in store than ever before!


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