TY &The Alternative Christmas

TY &The Alternative Christmas

TY  and The Alternative Christmas

Hebden’s very own Alternative Christmas Day is coming along tomorrow with today being the Alternative Christmas Eve. Silly Billy’s have got our Christmas Globes out, a snip at only £1.99 and we have a Christmas Tree in the Window to compliment the large one in St George’s Square.
Alternative Christmas






There will be events going on in Hebden Bridge and surrounding areas tomorrow and you can see more from our recent Hebden Bridge Events Post

As the title of this post states we have also received more TY at Silly Billy’s and this is what we have received in the Beanie Boo range:

  • Sophie Pink Cat
  • Lindi Cat
  • Maddie
  • Barley
  • Pablo Chihuahua
  • Sami, Orange Fish
  • Leona
  • Tasha, Leopard
  • Flora
  • Sugar Pie
  • Spike

Alternative Christmas





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The information below is courtesy of the HebWeb post as shown originally here:
www.hebdenbridge.co.uk/news/2016/132 and Visit Calderdale Site here www.visitcalderdale.com/hebden-royd-alternative-christmas-day

HRAX‬ aka Hebden Royd Alternative Christmas – 25th June 2016 in Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd. All welcome, residents and visitors alike.


After the devastation caused by the Boxing Day floods tearing through the towns of the Upper Calder Valley, it was suggested that it would be worth “re-running” Christmas Day six months later.

This was met with great local support and we now have well over 1900 people in this group! There have also been interviews on BBC Leeds and the Pulse about it.

Main purposes

  • That the two towns have a party, because they deserve it
  • That we show the outside world we are back up and open for business
  • That we invite those volunteers who came to help us in our time of need to join us for Christmas lunch where those who were helped will serve them

Alternative Christmas







Hebden Royd Alternative Christmas Day!
25th Jun 2016

HRAX aka Hebden Royd Alternative Christmas – 25th June 2016 in Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd.

Primary Locations
– St George’s Square and Bridge Gate
– Riverside School
– Holme Street
– Calder Holmes Park
– Burnley Road Academy Playing Fields
– The Town Hall Hebden Bridge

WHAT’S ON (so far, anyway. There will almost certainly be more.)

Mytholmroyd Gala will be on that day and provide a family oriented hub with a fair ground, stalls for community organisations and a wide range of live music and other cabaret entertainment in its usual site on the school playing fields next to Burnley Road. They will also have one of two large potted Christmas trees providing a focal point for a choir and brass band to perform/lead carols.

Calder Holmes Park in Hebden Bridge will host the Fair For Youth aimed at young people. They will have a variety of events, both to participate in as well as to watch, including live music, a hands-on arts and crafts tent as well as a range of sports and other activities.

Holme Street will be closed for a street party organised by the world famous Trades Club, with DJs, kids activities, bands and a bar.

Riverside School will host a Christmas Lunch for approximately 500 volunteers who helped out durng the floods and their aftermath.

The film, “Elf” will be shown at the Hebden Bridge Picture House with FREE admission treat for the towns folk and visitors alike.

St Georges Square in Hebden Bridge will have a 15ft potted Christmas tree, courtesy of Hebden Royd Town Council, around which the Hebden Bridge Junior Brass Band playing and various choirs will be carol singing. This will also be replicated in Mytholmroyd. These trees will then be replanted as a small part of the flood alleviation efforts.

There will be various performances of Christmas themed street theatre roaming around in all locations, including Mytholmroyd.

There will be six small artificial snow machines in various locations, courtesy of Thingumajig Theatre.

A Christmas Market in Hebden Bridge in Lees Yard.

The Town Hall terrace will be the venue for C I Adventures who will have a small climbing wall and maybe even a little cave for 8-16 year olds

The motorcycle club and 4×4 club who kept a protecting eye on the valley throughout the immediate aftermath of the flooding will perform a drive-through of Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd.

The business community will be having various offers and promotions to coincide with the day and many local pubs and other businesses will be doing their own thing. For example, the White Swan will be hosting an Aussie-Christmas-themed barbecue.

There will be two first aid posts, staffed by St John’s Ambulance. One in the town and one in Calder Holmes Park.

If THAT wasn’t enough, it is also the first day of the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, so there are all sorts of other events happening. See www.hbaf.co.uk for more information about these!


Teeny TY

Teeny TY

Teeny TY

Just in at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop is TY’s all new Teeny Ty range, buy TY here today.
The Teeny Ty range include:

  • Candy the Pug
  • Jack the Terrier
  • Nellie the Owl
  • Slippery the seal
  • Jelly the Leopard
  • Gus the Penguin
  • Spangle the Bear
  • Pocket the Penguin
  • Finley the Fox
  • Mimi the alternate Owl
  • Gypsy
  • Miles the Leopard
Teeny Tys

Teeny Tys Only £3.99

Ty introduced the Teeny Tys product line in January 2016. The initial release included 12 plush animals. The Teeny Tys were released first in the UK. They appeared on UK retailer shelves in late January.

The first 12 Teeny Tys have birthdays, but no poems or sayings inside the swing tag. The bottoms of the Teeny Tys appear to be made of the same fabric used on the bottom of the Peek-A-Boos.

Silly Billy’s is the best Independent Toy Store in Yorkshire from which to buy TY.
See here for another Silly Billy’s TY Post

TY Beanies are Back !!

TY Beanies are Back !!

TY Beanies are Back !!

We have at long last got TY Beanies back in stock.
TY Beanies are very popular at Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop and they are a product which we always aim to have in stock. Unfortunately there was a delay in having Beanies back in stock following the devastating flooding in Hebden Bridge that Silly Billy’s Toy Shop experienced.
There are all these Beanies in a nice new stand that we managed to obtain:


TY-Beanie Stand

WE Have in stock:

  • Whiskers the Dog
  • Kiki the grey Cat
  • Pippie the Dog
  • Tauri the Cat
  • Darla the Dragon
  • Brutus the Dog
  • Patches the Leopard
  • Precious the Dog
  • Cutie Pie the Panda
  • Sammy the Owl
  • Dotty the Leopard
  • Tracey the Dog
  • Sami the fish
  • Sugarpie the Unicorn


We also have some TY Keyrings in stock, all available in the nice new stand that has been kindly given to us by the folk at TY
You can read more about TY Beanies at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop


TY Beanies Christmas 2015

TY Beanies Christmas 2015

TY Beanies Christmas 2015

Silly Billy’s has now replenished their TY Beanies for Christmas 2015. Many of the Beanies brothers and sisters have already visited Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop in the past.

We do have one very new Beanie who is called “Freeze”, a penguin with a hat. A red hat in fact which we consider to be quite in line with the Festive Season:

TY Freeze

TY Freeze Beanie

    This is the list of Beanies we now have:

  • Muffin Cat
  • Tabitha Cat
  • Sophie Pink Cat
  • Dougie Dog
  • Cinder Dragon
  • Maddie Dog
  • Specks Elephant
  • Ellie Elephant
  • Slick Fox
  • Speckles Frog
  • Tasha Leopard
  • Glamour Leopard
  • Freeze Penguin
    This is the List of Beanie Clips (key-rings) we now have:
  • Specks Elephant
  • Brutus Boxer Dog
  • Spells Owl
  • Rocco Racoon
  • Pegasus Unicorn
  • Owliver, Owl
TY Beanies Christmas 2015

TY Beanies Christmas 2015

The last TY BEANIE POST from Silly Billy’s

[schema type=”product” url=”https://www.sillybillystoyshop.com/” name=”TY BEANIES” description=”TY Beanies at Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop” brand=”TY Beanie” manfu=”TY” model=”Beanie” single_rating=”5″ agg_rating=”110″ price=”£4.99″ condition=”New” ]

TY BEANIES Refreshed

TY BEANIES Refreshed


The TY Beanies range always sells well at Silly Billy‘s.
Our latest TY delivery in August went in a flash.
We now have more TY Beanies and TY Keyrings in Stock.
[schema type=”product” url=”https://www.ty.com/” name=”TY Beanies” description=”TY Beanies at Silly Billy‘s ” brand=”Beanies” manfu=”TY” price=”£4.99″ condition=”New” ]

    • Brutus The Dog
    • Muffin The Cat
    • Dougie The Dog
    • Cinder The Dragon
    • Tabitha The Cat
    • Sophie The Cat
    • Maddie the Dog
    • Leyla The Sheep
    • Nadya The Monkey
    • Audrey The Monkey
    • Olga  The Monkey
    • Boris  The Monkey
    • Cinder The Dragon

      Beanie Boos


Then we have Boo Key Clips at £2.99 in:

  • Maddie The Dog
  • Cinder the Dragon
  • Pegasus – Unicorn
  • Icy Seal
  • Glider penguin

TY Beanies are BACK

TY Beanies Back In Stock

With the addition of some new ones as well including:
LEYLA – The Sheep
MADDIE – The Dog (not sure what sort)

TY Beanies

ALL AT £4.99






TY BEANIES – Are very popular and always collectible, come into Silly Billy’s and get your beanie TODAY, or perhaps tomorrow, next week??
Don’t leave it too long though as we do tend to run out of the furry fellows quite quickly

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