Week 4 – New Vinyl Window Signs and More

We have been here in Old Gate House for one month now, or near enough and we are so happy to be in this bright airy new shop, a real change and with a feeling far more positive than in the dark retail portal of Innovation Mill.

Thanks to everyone that is coming in and making positive comments about the shop and the layout. We still have more work to do to finish and one task completed this week was the new Vinyl Window Signage from ALL4design, unfortunately we had to rip all our counters out to put them up, which was a big palaver as anyone who came into the shop this Wednesday would have seen.
Now the Vinyl signs are in place and we are very happy with them:

new signs 1

All4Design Team working hard

New sign

Applying the Vinyl

Lego Sign

One of Our Main Brands

Lego Construction Image

Lego Construction Image


Where’s the other S ??

Come down to Silly Billy‘s this weekend and check out our new Shop with all new signs and (old) Bill the Playmobil Policeman monitoring the outside.

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